Marquis offers the ULTIMATE Hot Tub Experience. With 10 different signature spas, you will be sure to find one to help you reach your inner peace.

H.O.T. Zones

High Output Therapy at Marquis is unique in how we carefully plan the laminar flow of water from our pumps. It is channeled by our 3-2-1 Zone Control ™ valves (which you can use to customize flow to specific areas), through high-flow tubing and out proprietary Hydrokinetic (HK ™ ) jets. We carefully hydro-engineer how the gallons-per- minute flow available will provide the best massage benefit to each seat. We move higher volumes of water (high flow) through our system design to more effectively massage muscle mass and deep tissue without the force used by other brands (high pressure) that irritate the skin surface.

Constantly Clean

ConstantClean ™ is the muscle

The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience! ™ also means the cleanest water
in the industry. And clean water comes from a superior system design for pristine water care. Our simple yet sophisticated ConstantClean ™ system includes our unique Vortex ™ filtration that pulls all of the water and debris from both the surface and the bottom of the vessel. It pulls more gallons-per-minute through more surface area of antimicrobial treated filter media than
any other system. Then the pumps pull it through the heater and on to the ozonator that uses ozone to oxidize any bacteria or contaminants before converting back to oxygen. Minerals and sanitizers are added through our convenient in-line delivery system to further soften and sanitize the water on an on-going automatic basis.

1. Vortex skimmers skim surface contaminants such as body oils and lotions, then direct it into them into the filter cartridges which trap contaminants and particulates.

2. Water is also drawn from the footwell through a safety suction fitting.

3. Water is forced upward through the filter to trap debris that may settle at the bottom of the spa, thus, mixing, recirculating and filtering all the water, surface to floor. This translates to circulating about 24,000 gallons of water daily! (Based on using a MP160 pump.)

4. Filtered water is drawn into primary jet pump.
5. Water is routed through the high-flow heater assembly. 6. Ozonator’s high-output, energy efficient design converts

oxygen into activated ozone gas. Mazzei® injector mixes ozone with water which is then introduced into the mixing chamber.

7. Bacteria and other contaminants are oxidized before ozone converts back to oxygen.

8. Residual ozone and converted oxygen are reintroduced into the spa water through a dedicated fitting for maximum efficiency.

9. Water passes through the in-line sanitation system and is treated with natural minerals and bromine before reentering the spa.

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