Endless Pool

Your Endless Pool® : Swimming and So Much More…

Swimming: The Perfect Exercise

Few fitness activities rival swimming for cardiovascular and musculoskeletal benefits. Swimming works more muscle groups—simultaneously—than almost any other form of exercise. So it’s a super-efficient workout. And swimming burns as many calories as other aerobic sports, without the associated dangers to muscles, bones, ligaments and joints due to stress and constant pounding. Swimming in an Endless Pool is an activity you can enjoy all year.

Rehabilitation & Therapy

Water therapy speeds recovery. In a pool, injured people can exercise with a greater range of motion without hurting joints or re-injuring themselves. The workout itself gets blood moving faster through the injured area, so it heals faster. And the water pressure keeps swelling to a minimum. Water therapy in an Endless Pool is beneficial for people with chronic muscle or joint pain, arthritis, MS and patients with orthopedic dysfunction. Many Endless Pool owners with hip or knee replacements have returned to health more rapidly in their in-home pools.

Aquatic Exercise

You don’t have to be a swimmer to benefit from an Endless Pool. Aquatic exercise is ideal for people of all ages, abilities and physical make-ups. If you like sports, you can practice the movements involved with that sport in the water. For example, runners can run, soccer players can kick, and tennis players can practice forehand and backhand strokes with water resistance—a great way to increase power!


The Endless Pool is the #1 choice of personal pools for triathletes in training. Athletes can monitor their swim stroke in the optional underwater mirror, enabling them to correct and refine technique. The strong current provides the optimal environment when training for an open-water swim. And with an Endless Pool, busy triathletes and competitive swimmers enjoy the convenience of swimming at home, on their own schedules. …

And Fun

Of course, the whole family can get in and swim in the Endless Pool. The kids will love swimming and playing in the current…even the family dog has been known to take a dip. The Endless Pool can help your family stay fit and have fun…together.